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David Shepard Hawaii

Hidden He‘e Aloha Shirt

Hidden He‘e Aloha Shirt

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Men's Aloha Shirt Made in Hawai‘i. 100% cotton poplin. Fabric is soft, naturally breathable, and durable. Modern Hawaiian shirt with real coconut buttons. Print-matched left chest pocket. Button down shirt plus button on back of the collar. Limited quantity print. Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric. Ideal for business casual, weddings and more.

*Model is wearing a size Medium

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Hidden He‘e

"Pupuhi ka he'e o kai uli." 

The octopus of the deep spews its ink.

‘Olelo No‘eau (Hawaiian Proverb), Mary Kawena Pukui

He‘e (octopus) means to flee, slide, or melt. In Hawaiian mythology, they are the kinolau (physical manifestation) of Kanaloa, the god of the ocean. He’e are highly intelligent creatures. They are shapeshifters, masters of camouflage and the quick get-away when needed. Since he‘e have no bones or armor, they are on the one hand vulnerable to predators. They use this trait to their advantage. Being flexible, they can squeeze through very narrow spaces to hide and escape. They also have black ink that they jet out when throwing off a chasing predator. They hunt and feed on snails, small fish and crustaceans, especially at night. He’e are tricksters who know how to survive on the coral reef.

The he‘e in this print are pictured with Kole tangs (Ctenochaetus strigosus), a Hawaiian endemic fish. The he‘e are hard to spot, camouflaged with their coral backdrop, an apt reminder that things are not always what they at first seem.

– David Shepard