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David Shepard Hawaii

Golden Coral Bell Sleeve Dress

Golden Coral Bell Sleeve Dress

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Dress with bell sleeves, V-neck, and belt loops. Comes with a long matching fabric tie for optional use at the waist. Limited quantity print. Hand drawn fabric print illustrations. Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric.

Made with draping 100% Tencel, a fiber that is intended as a silk substitute derived from wood pulp. It a natural fabric in the same family as Modal that is more breathable than cotton. It is a luxury eco-fabric, made in a closed loop cycle from sustainably grown wood, often eucalyptus. No plastic, polyester, or cotton used here; instead, enjoy this all natural sustainable wood pulp fiber with a luxurious silk texture. Machine wash and dry on a gentle setting.

*Model wearing a size S

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“He po‘i na kai uli, kai ko‘o, ‘a‘ohe hina pūko‘a.”

Though the sea be deep and rough, the coral rock remains standing.

‘Olelo No‘eau (Hawaiian Proverb), Mary Kawena Pukui

Ko’a or cauliflower coral (Pocillopora meandrina) form coral reefs (pūkoʻa) throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most abundant coral species throughout the Hawaiian Islands. These reef-building corals provide shelter and habitat to many species and protect shorelines from storm surges and big wave events. They are responsible for the formation of many of our favorite surf breaks. Coral are living animals that have a photosynthetic relationship with algae. These coral colonies have created reefs and atolls throughout the tropics. Sensitive to changes in temperature and light levels, coral polyps are particularly vulnerable to pollution and climate change. Despite these pressures, coral represents a solid and resilient foundation in a sea of change.

– David Shepard