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David Shepard Hawaii

Pre-Order: The Koa Flowers and Roots Whisper Cover Up

Pre-Order: The Koa Flowers and Roots Whisper Cover Up

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Cover up with pockets and sash option. Limited quantity print. Hand drawn fabric print illustrations. Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric.

Made with DTY (Drawn Textured Yarn) soft and stretching knitting fabric. This luxurious feeling fabric is flowing, draping, comfortable, with easy care and not prone to wrinkling. 95% Polyester with 5% Spandex. DTY fabric is dyed with an eco-friendly printing process, ensuring a product that's as responsible as it is beautiful. Machine wash and dry normal.

*Model is wearing size Small.

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Koa, in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, means to be brave, bold, fearless. Koa (Acacia koa) is a large native forest tree in Hawaiʻi, living hundreds of years. Koa trees are prized for their strong, beautiful, and valuable woods that are used to make everything from canoes for transport to ukuleles for music.

What sets koa apart comes from their relationship to ʻāina. Their roots form a symbiotic relationship with soil microbes that allow koa to access an otherwise inaccessible essential plant nutrient: nitrogen. They take nitrogen from the air where it is plentiful, and put it into the soil, where it is scarce. Their special roots give them a big advantage and make the soil better wherever they grow. Koa roots share these nutrients across their interconnected forest root network, benefiting the entire forest.

Koa makes a great metaphor for Hawaiian Telcom’s anniversary of 140 years of service to Hawaiʻi. Like the koa tree, Hawaiian Telcom has a long legacy of enriching its community while bringing us boldly into a future of lightning-fast connectivity.

Every so often, the koa forest flowers. When it does, it is a very special occasion. This print of the koa forest in flower is meant to commemorate the 140th anniversary of Hawaiian Telcom.